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    A good product requires a good package which reflects the art of marketing and able to represents the brand. A good package adds value to your product that’s why a well-designed package is required. Packon packaging provides its customer design services by both the meaning of the packaging industry. Packon packaging design center is able to design the box itself and the graphics by its expert designers. The design center promises our customers more than their competitors with unique packaging designs that can reflect their brand identity.



    The industrial design team with all their creative features tries to capture the positive differences in the products they need to design. The package type is being prepared considering the special requirements of the product such as the weight the box need to carry, the purpose of the packaging, the market requirements…etc


    This stage is for testing purposes. Box designers will design a box and make a prototype by using negotiated material by using CAD software and will cut die by CNC plotter machine. The customer can see the prototype before the design process.


    Graphic files are studied in MAC and PC environment. Freehand, Illustrator, Artpro, Photoshop, InDesign programs are used. Our EPSON P7000 digital proofing machine has been calibrated to FOGRA system according to ISO 12647 International standards. It is integrated with our printing machines and gives 95% accurate colors comparing with offset printing.


    Paper roll sizing is the process of cutting the cardboard material to the proper size for the printing process. Right-sizing reduces cost and saves the environment. Packon packaging manages this process with a fully automated workflow. Our production facility has an average daily capacity of 100 tons of cardboard.

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    Lithographic Printing

    In accordance with the national and international standards, within the framework of the legal framework, to meet customer demands and needs in line with the principle of customer satisfaction, Honest, respectful, innovative, courageous act, without compromising our principles of providing quality, accurate, timely and professional services, to bring team work to the forefront and to work efficiently, to improve the overall performance.

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    High-Definition FLEXO Preprint

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    Corrugated Board Production

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    Flute Lamination
    Our full automatic flute laminating machines in our production facility have the capacity of plastering thicknesses of 150000 sheets, 40×40 cm up to 120×160 cm on average.

    Cellophane Lamination
    With our fully automatic cellophane machines, we are capable of making cellophane up to 100 x 140 cm. We process matte cellophane, glossy cellophane, psoriasis cellophane, metalized hologram so on.

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    Cutting and Gluing

    In the cutting unit, we can cut-die, apply hot foil and emboss-deboss effect to sheets from
    35 x 50 cm to 120 x 160 cm. It has 26.000 sheet cutting capacity per hour.

    In our fully automatic box gluing machines, boxes are produced in different sizes and bonding types (side bonding, bottom lock, 4 points, 6 points, special design, etc.).

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    Quality Control

    Quality control processes are carried out in all processes that take place from the raw material input to the final product to be offered to the customer. With the CCI system, the color difference between the layers is eliminated in all our printing machines. In all our print jobs, color L a b is measured and all colors are being fixed independently at standard values. In our production facility, seamless printing is carried out with a color management system by providing proof – screen – print consistency.

    Pre-printed measurement parameters
    Measures of tram values in printing mold
    Paper thickness test
    Paper weight test

    Testing Parameters
    L a b values
    Density values
    Dot gain value
    Gray balance values
    PH values
    Water conductivity value
    Water hardness

    After printing Process
    Cobb (Sizing) – Paper Water Absorption Capacity Test
    Ring Crush Test (RCT)
    Vertical Crush Strength (CCT – Corrugated Crash Test)
    Surface Crush Resistance (CMT – Conconra Medium Test)
    Paper Break Resistance
    Box Crush Strength (BCT-Box Compression Test)
    Edge Crush Test (ECT)

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    All products produced in our production facility are approved by the Ministry of Environment and Health and are stored at international standards. In our 60.000 m³ well-isolated storage we maintained a stable temperature in order to protect the products form cold and extremely hot temperatures. The products will be safe in our storage until they are shipped.

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    Packaging and palletizing quality as important as product quality. We use extra care to get goods ready to be transported to customers. All products are shipped with labeled pallets. Pallets are supported with gusset and stretch film. According to customer request, the pallets are prepared according to international standards, size and quality. We carry out a large part of our domestic shipments with our own vehicles and our international shipments are realized as land, air, sea or intermodal within the scope of our agreements with our customers. In the preparation of the products to be shipped, health, environment and security elements are also kept in the first place.

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