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    About Us

    Packon Packaging, which entered the sector with a small investment 29 years ago, has developed its graphic and printing experiences every day and has always been a good solution partner to its customers.

    With its 30.500 sqm high-tech production plant and the design center which employs expert designers in the field works in accordance with the national and international standards within the legal regulations and offers services and products according to customer demands and needs.
    Packon Packaging gives priority to be an innovative company and offer professional services to its customer.
    Our environmental friendly production continues its journey with the principle of leaving a clean and livable environment to the future generations and develops solutions to prevent waste in continuous production.
    Packon Packaging, which is become a leading brand in its sector, continuously increases its quality and competitiveness.

    Our Story


    Packon Packaging was born as Patrol offset ( as the local name)

    Our company started to its manufacturing life in 80 sqm production workshop in Istanbul.


    Continuous form production

    Packon Packaging began to produce catalog printing and continuous form production.


    Offset printed cardboard packaging

    Packon expanded its production volume with new machinery investments, started to serve with the production of offset printed cardboard boxes.


    Packon Packaging is opened to the world

    Packon advancing fast and started to serve the world.


    6.500 sqm new production plant

    With a rapid rise, Packon Packaging continued its production with the best technology of the time


    Enterprise Resource Planning

    In order to provide better service to its customers, our company established ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning system in 2014.


    BRC IOP certificate for food safety product

    Packon Packaging took its place among the leading companies in the sector with its reliable, fast and efficient production.


    13.000 m2 production facility

    Our company has increased its service quality and volume with its new production facility established in 13.000 sqm closed area with the latest technology and expanded its export volume.


    On the path of leadership

    Today, Packon Packaging is proud of being one of the most preferred companies with the solutions it offers to its customers and Packon continues to its investments for better quality and faster production.


    In accordance with the needs and dynamics of our developing industry; We strive to provide high quality and reliable products which are compatible with the demands and expectations of our customers and increasing our customer’s benefits with an understanding of ethical trade and social responsibility that contribute to the environment, health, safety, and employment.


    Packon Packaging, which adopts total quality philosophy, aims to ensure sustainability and to make a difference in the packaging industry. Our company aims to provide unconditional customer satisfaction, strives to be a pioneer in terms of quality and cost.

    Our Values

    Being customer oriented

    Believe in teamwork

    Give importance to the environment, health, safety, and education

    Believing in ethical trade

    Being honest and reliable

    Being innovative

    Always aim for the highest quality

    Creating more value

    Product Safety and Quality Policy

    INCREASING QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY adhering to the packaging technology rules and legislation

    Making the production in hygienic conditions for producing SAFETY PACKAGING and taking precaution in any matter that would endanger product safety.

    Ensure CUSTOMER SATISFACTION by understanding customers expectations and needs in the right time and the right way

    MONITORING AND PERFORMING THE EFFICIENCY by closely following the latest technology in order to fulfill the requirements of the changing market conditions

    Organizing the educational programs in order to improve the personal skills of employees to higher levels and developing a good TEAM WORK environment.

    Human Resources


    Our references are kept confidential by our company confidentiality policy. Please send your request to info@patrolofset.com to see our references. Thank you for the interest you have shown.

    Confidentiality Agreement

    In accordance with our policy, our company does not share any information exchanges with third parties in order to provide ethical business understanding and reliable services. Packon Packaging commits its customers to provide all trade relations within the scope of “information confidentiality principle” and serves within the framework of reliable trade.


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